I just converted Useful-Stuff.info from Wordpress to Ghost. The new site is Useful-Things.info. The main motivation was to switch to the lightest weight platform I could find. Something that could run in a tiny container on a server. Something that had an easy way to create a blog post and style it simply. Ghost fits the bill.

Now I can create a post in a few seconds, using Wordpress took a lot longer. All I need is a browser. The browser support on my phone is amazingly simple, fast and reliable.

The nicest thing about Ghost is Markdown. A simple way to format text with a preview function makes creating a post a snap.

Adding images is a little strange however. It's necessary to create a placeholder then import a picture into it. But, once you figure it out, it's no big deal. Wordpress handles cross referencing previous posts better, this is no big deal either.

The best thing is speed. Everything is faster, including backing up the site and even cloning it. Using a built in export feature, the entire site is converted to a JSON string and downloaded automatically. The images, theme and customization are in a simple folder structure. Just copy the files and it's done. One of the files is an SQLite database containing the entire site content. Just copy that too. No need for a LAMP stack.