Attempt to login to IOx using ssh:
$ ssh -p 2222 -l root
Permission denied (publickey).
Attempt to login to IOx from IOS console:
IR809-DM-IOX#ssh -l root
[Connection to aborted: error status 0]
*Sep  3 12:06:20.857: %SSH-3-AUTH_METH_ERR: Server does not support keyboard-interactive authentication

Root Cause

The root password is not set on IOx. This happens after loading a new image for IOS which loads the IOxVM image or just loading the IOxVM image.


Enable SSH and set the IOx root password:
IR809-DM-IOX#iox host exec "resetpw cisco" IR809-DM-IOX-GOS-1
IR809-DM-IOX#iox host exec "enablessh" IR809-DM-IOX-GOS-1
ssh enabled successfully.