React is pretty cool for making UIs, but when you need to do some complex data processing, things get confusing rather quickly. This occurs mainly because you are not in the driver's seat, the React render engine (lifecycle) is.

Here's a few articles I find useful on various React challenges.

Articles About Styling

React Dark Mode with Styled Theming and Context
Dark mode is becoming more commonly supported in apps, both on the web and natively. React is in a great position to support such a feature, by leveraging the framework’s capabilities and packages…
Theming in React with Styled Components
Styled Components aims to solve the problem of applying CSS to Javascript frameworks on a per-component basis; and this is particularly useful with React. Although this article is primarily aimed at…

Cool JavaScript Stuff

How to handle undefined in a complex JavaScript object... use the short circuit operator: ?.

4 Powerful JavaScript Operators You’ve Never Heard Of
Have you ever spent an afternoon reading through the Mozilla docs? If you have, you are well aware that there is a lot of information on JavaScript available online. This makes it easy to overlook…

Stuff Regarding State

Manage global state with React Hooks
Since the announcement of experimental Hooks in React 16.7, they have taken the React community by storm. Unfortunately, the same way class components only manage local state, the built-in useState…
How to Add to an Array in React State using Hooks
How to add to an array in React State
Trade-offs in React State Management
I’ve been trialing out the state management strategies for React ever since the good old flux and backbone MVC days. I’ve seen projects go through adopting Redux, migrating some of that state to…
Integrating Immer.js With use-global-hook
Pleasant React state management in 2020, combining Immer.js with use-global-hook.
Commons Mistakes with React useEffect hook and How to Prevent them.
useEffect is a powerful tool, but you need to use it with a clear understanding of how it works. Otherwise, you could end up in a disappointing situation where some unexpected bugs appear that are…
Manage React state without redux
By the end of this article, you’ll learn how to manage the state of your using the Context API, to read, write and remove data from one Component to another of your React app in a fast and easy way.
React Global State with Hooks and Context
How to manage the global state of a React App with Hooks and Context API. Without Redux but with zero setup and working code.

Hooks Modules

React Hooks — 👍. Contribute to streamich/react-use development by creating an account on GitHub.


React: LifeCycle Methods Replicated with Hooks
For new developers coming from an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) background, classes and lifecycle methods may be much easier to understand. However, React’s Hook API has been ever more popular…

JavaScript Tricks

25 JavaScript Tricks You Need To Know About
While coding, you will notice that there are some things you stumble upon over and over, and normally they beg for that quick solution. A lot of these things do not even need you to install a library…