I've been doing a lot of work with Cisco's IOx platform. This entails installing new images on the router. I've been running a TFTPD server and copying files from my laptop to the router, but is has since become unreliable. Instead of seeing a bunch of


I'm seeing


This didn't bother me until I installed a bad image. Then I found out the "O" means the file copied may be corrupt.

I spent all morning trying to get SCP working to or from the router. I know it's possible, but it's just doesn't work using the instructions provided. So, I needed a better way.

I realized that the COPY command supports HTTP: - so I tried it, and it works perfectly, for instance:

COPY HTTP:// flash:file

Shows all exclamation marks during the transfer:


Furthermore, running an HTTP server on my laptop makes this even easier. See How Do I Create a Simple HTTP Server? for a simple way to do this.