We're all working at home more today. If you are doing mobile development, you need to demo your app before putting in on the App Store. For a quick demo, it's easy to whip out your iPhone and show someone how it works. But, nobody meets face to face anymore, so what to do?


Connect your iPhone to your Mac using a USB cable. Open Quicktime, start a Movie Recording, then select your iPhone as the input device.

Now you can share your screen and demo your app in an online meeting.

The Details

After connecting your iPhone using a USB cable, you'll need to unlock it:

After connecting your iPhone to your Mac with a USB cable, start Quicktime. You should see:

Click on Cancel.

Start a new Movie Recording:

Pull down the menu on the Record button:

The Quicktime screen will change shape and show your iPhone. Start an app:

You do not need to actually start a recording. But you can if you wish to share a video of the demo.

You must move your cursor to another location on the screen, otherwise the record button will continue to show on top of your app When you share your desktop, using Zoom, Skype or whatever, everyone in the meeting can see you interacting with the app.