Everyday questions. Everyday answers.

How many times a day do you go looking for an answer? How often do you find it? If you find it do you remember the answer? How long does it take to find the answer?

“Google it” is the answer to many questions. In reality it might take a lot of searching to find an accurate answer to a specific question. Unless you save the answer, you’ll probably search for it again in the future. This leaves a lot of dangling “I found that answer somewhere…” threads in my mind, which causes me to search my history retracing previous searches.

So, I decided to make a website to keep a list of questions WITH answers that I know are correct. Short and sweet. All in one place.

Here's how I use Useful-Things.info.

The Internet has made finding answers incredibly easy, however it can be time consuming. When you find an answer, chances are you'll forget it then start searching again. If you are using the same computer, it's possible to use your browsing history to retrace your tracks, but this is also time consuming.

I use certain answers all the time, which is why I created Useful-Things.info. I put the answers I find useful on the site for anyone to use. Most of them are very technical, but that's just me.

Now, you can save your useful stuff here. You can either join my team, join another team or create your own site.

To write your posts, just add /admin or /ghost to your URL. This will give you a panel to add and manage posts.